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The purpose of this page is to provide worthwhile links to other commercial pond pages that offer value to ponders. There are plenty links here. If you are shopping for supplies, try several places to comparison shop. Ponding, being relatively new, can have wide variations in prices on many products between different purveyors.

If you have run across any other neat POND related commercial links, sendem in.

Note that being listed here DOES NOT imply a de facto endorsement from me,
only that a ponder may find it useful.

If you find a broken link, please let me know. Thanks.

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***** Commercial Sites *****

At Aquatic Ponds, "We aren't just a retailer of pond supplies at discount prices, we're your source for all of the information you require to execute your pond project flawlessly."

Live cultures (for aquariums to large ponds)

Garden Bridges

Solar Powered Airpump

Synthetic Matting

Synthetic Matting (another source)

Alligator Head Reputed to be the best egret/heron chaser there is.

Fish Pond | Koi News, Articles and Resources
Find extraordinary ideas, tips and supplies through our extensive list of contacts.

Stainless Steel Spillway & Heavy Duty Poly Spacer (Sturdy egg crate) Appear to be quite reasonable prices.

Water Gardens A large list of links to pond equipment suppliers.

Bronze Statues - Many pond owners like to decorate their ponds and yards with brass fountains and statuary. Here is a good site.

"DO IT YOURSELF POND KIT INSTALLATION, OR TO HAVE IT DONE?" - A commercial site that offers DIY kits. Nice site but very very difficult and annoying to read with blue printing on a black background.

"Handcrafted Redwood Garden Bridges" - Made by "Old World Craftsmen" 100% Redwood. All galvanized fittings, easy assembly, custom sizes. {Note they start at around $400 and look great. Lotsa pictures here.}

Pond Skimmers - "The BIOsys IP-200 pond skimmer skims floating debris from the surface of the pond. This unique design allows the skimmer to be located in the pond and makes it an excellent choice for retro-fitting an existing pond...."

Standard Thickline Floor Pads - Can be used as a filter media. Reasonaby priced. Various sizea.

Werner's Water Gardens - This is a top notch guy in Holiday, FL. (Tampa area) You got a question and live in the area, call him. (727-943-7937). A real gentleman. {Plus he sells the Ponder's Bible {grin}}

Everything Fishy - Alice has broadened out from mostly aquarium stuff into pond stuff. A really nice person. {Plus she sells the Ponder's Bible {grin}}

Hill Top Water Gardens - Pond Supplies and Water Gardening - Lititz, PA
The owner of Hill Top Aquatic Gardens is no stranger to the art of water gardening and pond management. David Reist has dedicated his life to serving hobbyist with an interest in water gardening even before water gardening became popular in the United States."

Underwater Fiber Optic Lights - "IlluminFx Fiber Optic Lighting Systems for ponds and water features are an ideal way to illuminate your pond and/or water feature more beautifully than you've ever dreamed possible. "

PONDTECHNOLOGY - Waterfall filters, Aquamats, Skimmers, ... Lots of hard to find stuff for ponds.

Waterbug Design - Buy rock coloring for cement. Learn how to create a waterfall from cement. Really neat. Plus they have a "Muck Mop" for cleaning bottoms and sumps.

Money Saver Pumps. Programmable pumps that claim super efficiency and will justify their presumably high purchase costs by lower operating costs. Note the high kwh costs they claim utlities are charging are probably at-the-margin charges and are almost assuredly inflated to make the comparisons look more favorable.

Nonetheless, if shopping for a pump, this place is well worth a visit.

PondInfo.com - The Water Gardening Community - A large pond equipment source and listing of manufacturers. Supposed to be helpful to neophytes.

Bird-X Scare-Eye Balloon - Hang the 12" diameter Scare-Eye from trees or long poles to scare away flocks of nuisance birds who are repelled by its bright color and the unusual design. The eyes exaggerate the glaring eyes and gaping mouth of a predator bird.

PMDD - Mix your own fertilizer.

Mike's Pond Links A list of a whole host of manufacturer's websites.

Pond Liner Has the new highly touted XAVAN liner.

Phone - 509-946-1356 (9 till 5 PST).
Fax 509-943-9222
Ask about the 5000 gph "SUPERFALLS PUMP", said to be very efficient and very cheap to run.

Just Liners - "In this site, Just Liners provides information on the five choices of aquaculture membranes, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a type of rubber, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Polyethylene (a thermoplastic), PolypropGuard ( a polypropylene) and UltraGuard (a polymeric alloy)."
1-888-838-4017 or 1-877-878-6813

Patio Garden Ponds - "We wanted to let you know that we have dropped the prices for our 45 mil EPDM Liner from 65 cents a square foot to only 45 cents a square foot. What a Deal it is!! We are slashing our prices daily on different items, so please check back often for great deals."

The Palm Shop " Looking for something different? We offer rare and exotic palm tree's by mailorder at great prices for inside your home, office, patio or even your yard." Great prices for pond side Exotica. Supposed to carry water plants soon (Spring 2003).

BARLEY STRAW BUNDLES from Natural Solutions.

Pond Technology - "As a company policy, we want our customers to become educated consumers. Our print catalog has become as much a training manual as a sales catalog, so we call it the Pond Builder's Handbook. ... currently contains nearly forty pages of detailed product information."

Lotsa great info on pond liner construction and other stuff. Well worth a visit.

KOI MAN - Fish & Pond Supplies - - - Check out his undergravel filter system for ponds. Make sure you read the FAQ. It's pretty remarkable. Read the claims on his patented Miracle Koi Food. Amazing....

POND PRODUCTS " Medications Plant Treatments Books Water Treatments Stress Coats Water Clarifiers & Algae Treatments Water Test Kits Pond Filters pH Treatments Pond Liners Filter Mediums Pond Pumps Pond Lights UV Sterilizers Pond Fish Foods"

Leisure Time - Aquatic Supplies "To provide you with quality pet, hobby, gaming, beer making and wine making supplies. To have top notch prices presented in a friendly and easy to use environment with good service."

Pond Solutions - A pretty complete one stop shopping for pond stuff.

Van Ness Gardens Mostly Plants. Free catalog.

Paradise Water Gardens. Plants and supplies. Very nice FREE catalog.

Mail Order Pet Supplies If you can't find it, try here. (They have Jungle Labs Fungus Eliminator).

The Plant Place. Good prices. Good selection. (Not always) good advice. (They are 180 degrees dead wrong on their gravel advice, for example.)

Plant Tabs Wholesale plant food (be prepared to spend $100), Barley Straw available.

American Plastics sell polyethelene liners. It's relatively cheap but usually not as hardy as EPDM.

The Pond Girl "Your online 'One Stop Pond Shop'!"

Pond Plants
Lotsa plants, pictures, good prices.

TEXAS SODIUM BENTONITE, Inc. Some lowdown on Bentonite by a supplier.

The Water Garden
A nice commercial site with plenty pond pictures.

Day Dreamer
Plants - lilies, ... Good planting instructions.

Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Wholsale only - Koi for as little as $2, goldfish, etc.

Tate Kois A Taiwan koi dealer. Lotsa nice pictures of koi. Prices *sound" reasonable, but what do I know?

Koi by the box
- If you want to buy fish in QUANTITY.

Lilies & Lotuses. Free catalog

Green & Hagstrom. Plant fertilizer and other pond supplies.

Aquatic Creations Ltd. Yet another filter supplier with price lists.

The Water Garden - Indoor and Outdoor Fountains

Solar Powered Floating Fountain Under $100.

Maryland Aquatic Nurseries - Free catalog

Michael Gordon Ltd/ Fountains, statues and stuff.

Life Gard Ultraviolet Sterilizers, all kinds of filters and other stuff.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - Fish medications, food, water treatments (ugh!)

Ultra Clear - Pond chemicals (Ugh!) for clarity, parasites, disease, etc.

From a member of the Ponder's Bible list:

"There's a place in Tennessee that manufactures 30 ml. pvc liners. They're about 28 cents a sq. ft. Shipping depends on where you live. They come right to your door by freight truck. I've had mine for 4 years now and not had any problems. The place is called Mid America Lining. Number is 901-885-8888. You have to send them a check first. After they get the check, they'll ship the liner. I sent a money order so they didn't have to wait for the check to clear. Good Luck.
Vickie" - Vickie Webber

Pond Life All manner of pond supplies.

Pond Plus - Serving Southeast Texas' Water Gardening Needs!

Wicklein's Water Gardens - Plant & Aquatics nursery

Welcome to Falling Waters - The koi and pond discount store!

Day Dreamers
A commercial site that sells a large selection of plants and has a very nice section of articles on Waterfall Building, filtration (beware of poor advice regarding algae here though), etc.

Fish Link Central
The most comprehensive set of Pond links I have found (other than my own {grin}). This site has links to just about anything that swims.
I well recommend it.

ScreenThemes 1.2, Windows 95/98/NT Demo
From: SoftSeek Week - October 9, 1998
ScreenThemes is a wallpaper changer and a screen saver that displays stunning, full-screen digital photographic images. Version 1.2 can create a new random wallpaper more than just once a day and a new item in the system tray popup menu can be used to immediately run your screen saver.

The Duck Farm
If you wanna buy ducks for your pond, check this place out. Worth a trip anyway.

Fountains Galore
'Nuff said.

More Water Plants
(This was reccoed by a reader) Nice pics, good variety. Can order Lotus here.

(Note- Comment I received.)

Pond Letters,Excellent

Pond Comments,We are fabricators of PPL-24 liners. I noticed one of your writers found us, (1996) and you were not familiar with our products. We supply our liners for .33 cents a square foot, F.O.B. Bend, OR. Our liners are in fact superior to 40 mil HDPE in strength, and the UV resistance surpasses that of PVC liners. Please take a moment to look at our web page and spec sheet on this product, and your writers will have a new link to quality, fish safe, affordable liners.

Thank you for your time, I really enjoyed your page.

Jan Elliott
Bend Tarp & Liner, Inc

(Note - I have used one of their liners and it seems fine so far (hasn't been 20 years yet though). It comes with a 20 year guarantee. It is, however, VERY DIFFICULT to install. It's a stiff material and I would recommend it only to larger ponds and/or ponds that have few sharp angles in the sides. Light to handle compared to rubber though.

Tell Jan "Swede's Pond Links recommended BendTarp." and you just might get a small discount.)

Discount Pumps & Liners Liner prices look a little high but not too far out of line. Complete price catalog on line so you can get an idea on liner prices. Plenty other stuff too.

The Pond Authority I visited but found it slow loading. Looks like a complete place to shop. Dunno about service or prices. Haven't bought anything (yet). I listed it because they asked me to and they are in Swedesboro, NJ. How could I resist?

(Dusty's recco) An Invisible Fish Net

(Dusty's recco) Aquatic Plants

(Dusty's recco) Burns Water Gardens

CHAMPION NISHIKIGOI Lotsa pictures of very nice koi. Sort of like window shopping at Tiffany's though. No "10 centers" here.

Patio Garden Ponds... "The Internets #1 Source For Pond ANd Water Garden Supplies. Guaranteed lowest Price On The Internet.Instructions and How To's" (Their claim, not mine)
It's worth a visit and they do appear to have decent prices. Free catalog.

- SUNSET KOI FISH FARM - All manner of Pond Supplies.


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Catalogs & other sources

Paradise Gardens - 800-955-0161 - for a beautiful catalog of flowers and plants. The best I have seen!

Aquatic Eco-Systems - If you're going to the Big Leagues call 800-422-3939 or 877-FISH-STUFF for a catalog or 407-886-3939. They handle BIG equipment and are an excellent source for the type of stuff for really big ponds. It is a DANDY catalog and well worth the call.

Zett's Fish Farm and Hatcheries - Also if you're going to the Big Leagues call 814-345-5357 for a catalog. An excellent source for the type of stuff for really big ponds. They sell game fish, daphnia, all manner of plants (*Great prices), and have a dandy catalog. Well worth the price of a phone call. Tell them you heard about them here. They don't know me but I can always use the credit {grin}.

From: EMTJim@aol.com
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:23:34 EDT

There is another Zett's Fish Farm and Hatcheries. The name is different, but the owner is the son of the one that you have posted.

The address is :
Zett's Tri-State
Fish Farm & Hatchery
Rt. 2, Box 218K
Inwood, WV 25428
(304) 229-3654

That Fish Place - 800-733-3829 and ask for Pond & Aquarium catalogs. I buy lotsa stuff there for my pond and my salt water setup. Best prices around for most smaller stuff.

Pond Supplies of America 888-742-5772 - Ask for a catalog. They got lotsa good stuff and the prices don't look bad either. (They have a dandy skimmer bottom draw combination setup.) Chris likes to talk ponds.

Pond Gard Liners - advertised as low as .40 per square foot delivered(full rolls)

Jermack Cultivated Plants - Free catalog.
1-800-226-7759 (Wholesale only)

The Garden Pond - book by Roseanne Conrad, publisher of Pondkeeper Magazine - a trade magazine. $12.95

OASE PUMPS - Bio filters

Aqua Ultraviolet - UV filters

Escort Lighting - Exotic garden lighting

Nycon Products - Plant Feeder Holders & other pond stuff.

Springdale Aquatic Supply & Nursery

Earth Ponds - Books & Video from Countryman Press

Diamond Pumps - for fountains, ponds, plus other pond supplies

AgriTab - Fertilizer Tabs, Spikes & Granules

Water Garden Gems - Bubble Bead Filters - all sizes

Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery - Quality Fish food

Crystal Palace Perennials - Unusual & Hgigh Quality waterplants - free catalog

Charleston Aquatic Nurseries - Catalog

Laguna -Pond & Water supplies, filters, etc. - Catalog

Multi-Duti Manufacturing, Inc.
9290 SW 175th Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97007
(800) 447-8342

They manufacture the Sequence line of pumps for ponds.

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