The Good Guys

The following is a list of people, politicians and organizations who support PARC.
(as of October 27, 1997)

(Disgracefully short, isn't it?)

Congressman Bob Filner (CA) -
He sent the PARC proposal on to the EPA for comment.
The American Littoral Society, D. Bennette, Ex. Dir. (NJ) -
An old and well respected responsible
activist Environmental Organization
William Standley
Central Coast Consulting
- the internet consultant for wildlifers
Bill's Wildlife Links
NAME: Janet Saylor EMAIL ADDRESS: COMPANY NAME: Saylor Consulting SITE ADDRESS: Lockhart, Texas

Gösta H. Lovgren
Lovgren Enterprises
- The author of PARC and he votes often.
Thomas Deluca (OH) -
Who provided invaluable editing service during
the final phases of PARC (he votes often too).
Dr. Albert Benschop
Dept. of Sociology
University of Amsterdam

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