Mr. O'Hara,

You've been represented to me as someone who has as much concern for the environment as I have and is the reason I am writing to you. Enclosed you will find a proposal (PARC) to permanently reverse the degradation of the ocean environment for the foreseeable future, if not all time. Red Lobster plays an integral, even key, role in any hope for success for that PARC may have, as will be obvious to you by the end of this letter.

PARC has the potential to be as environmentally effective as Social Security and the Interstate Highway System have been in their respective arenas. The enclosed PARC proposal consists of three parts:

1) The first is a general summary of the absolutely astounding amount of particulate put into the atmosphere each year and how it interacts with the oceans and the "basic soup" from which all (ocean) life flows.

2) The second is an unusual, even unique, proposal to set up a self financing mechanism that would finance pollution abatement and production area enhancement projects. The startup funding would come from a small surcharge (which would be "sunsetted" as soon as PARC got established) on retail seafood sales.

3) The third is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about PARC that expands further on the goals and intents of PARC as I see them.

Mr. O'Hara, several congressmen are interested in going forth with PARC but they can't be expected or asked to do so if there is no support for it from the seafood industry. As the largest player in retail seafood the support of Red Lobster is critical. Should you actively oppose PARC it would clearly be dead in the water. Should you actively support PARC, it would be as close to a sure thing as anything can be in national legislation.

Why would Red Lobster want to support something that is going to make seafood dinners more expensive?

1) You could look to the future and say it will decrease the cost and increase the availability of seafood as the reproductive capacity of the oceans recover. Sort of a "Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later" type thing.

2) You could turn it to your advantage and play up the fact that "Red Lobster is A Good Corporate Citizen. We didn't create the problem and we don't contribute to it, but we're going to get it cleaned up because it's the right thing to do and it's hurting us all."

3) A savvy ad campaign would play up the fact that eating seafood is patriotically fighting the dastardly pollution menace and that Red Lobster is the biggest fighter of all.

Mr. O'Hara, there's obviously a lot more potential (and drawbacks) than can be put in a mere letter. I hope you will read the PARC proposal and agree that its obvious merits outweigh any downsides. I will telephone your office at 10am on January 15, 1997 to discuss PARC further with you. Or you can always reach me at the number below.

Thank you for your attention. 2 2