Provocative Sites

(Stuff last added or changes made on December 15, 1997)

The following are pages I have read and found to be educational or mind/horizon expanding. They were all well worth my time. I hope you'll find them worth yours.

Frequently Asked Question about Population Control.
A well written, well presented, well annotated, readable treatise (paper, thesis, ....) on Population Control and the Earth's ability to support human life. (Note- I've found the figure on annual rainfall to be clearly too low by maybe several magnitudes. )
The Fur Commission
If you like Sable hats.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Scientific Method
If you read this you'll see why I'm so hard on the so-called "Scientists" and the malodorous "Science" practiced by the fisheries academic community.

A discussion about Gun Control
Another HotWired Thread that was pretty good.
(Ahem, I prevailed)

A guide to Breast Lumps
My wife having had breast cancer, this is a page I think everyone should see (and print) at least once.

Gun Control Advocates A reply on the Mother Jones site to Jim Brady regarding Gun Control. Good facts and solid reasoning.

Wanderlust This guy has put together a site that has some pretty good pages of links. Well characterized and easily followed.

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(Note - If you run have run across any thought provoking stuff, pass it on.)

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