These are pictures I found of a an 18th century cannon while snorkling in Aruba.

In this view you can clearly see the heavier (wider) end.

In this view you can clearly see taper down to the narrower end and just make out the "reinforcing ring" (where the outside of the casting is flared out to support the muzzle blast) on the narrow end.

The cannon is about four feet long and has a bore of about 21/2 to 3 inches.

Snorkling is GREAT in Aruba and there are any number of snorkling spots freely available in Aruba (Plus sailboat snokling trips) but the absolute BEST is DePalm Island. It's an $8 (5 minute) ferry ride to an island a half mile offshore (My sons swim it but I end up paying the fare anyway). They have shower facilities, a drink at the bar, and lounge chairs for the fee. Well worth it in my opinion. I go at least three times during my two week stay every year because it the greatest snorkling to be found anywhere.

Another exceptional snorkling spot is at Baby Beach, outside the breakwater. Fantastic.

End of Cannons

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