Reply to a fundraiser.

***Response to a letter asking for support for the upcoming election.***
January 14 1992
Thomas Rhodes - Chairman
Republican Presidential Advisory Commission

Dear Mr. Rhodes,

I just received your most personal letter asking my participation in your Advisory Commission. I'm not entirely sure you want me. Your `Field Director` has misled you by telling you I am `very supportive` of the President. I'm not. Could another phrase for Field Director be Mailing List?

You're correct in that I have `concern about the serious issues facing America.' One of those concerns is your assumption that your psuedo-serious questions in your `survey` will give an accurate reflection my true feelings.

You state the Democrats ran roughshod over George, what's the matter, can't he handle himself? He told us he could when he was running. I even `read his lips` (and his hips too, which I took to mean 'Kiss my ass, I'm the President now.`) but still got stuck with higher taxes, higher spending, higher deficits, higher .... and you have the nerve to ask me for 28 bucks to help him.

As for his `drug programs` - more bureaucratic boondoggles and opportunity for grandstanding. Read Levine's book `Deep Cover` and then ask me to support George's drug policies. Do you honestly believe he knew nothing about the CIA involvement with drugs and Noriega when he was CIA Director? If he didn't what, was he doing - advising Neal on proper S&L behavior? Tell me that was all a misunderstanding too. A pretty damn shabby show, if you ask me. Both lawyers though so I guess I shouldn't expect any morality or good old fashioned American honesty.

If you call this an example of the `sophisticated programs` you intend to run, I suggest you get a mailing list of people who don't know the true meaning of sophistication (root genus - sophistry) cause it ain't playin' well in Peoria (Lavallette either).

Hey, you wouldn't be the same guy who gave us Agnew are ya? Lotsa similiarity here though I think Spiro had more balls than George.

Listen Tom, if you feel impelled to remove me from your list of good friends, I'll understand. Tell Phil (note- a reference to Donahue) I was asking for him.

Gösta H. Lovgren
***********************End of Letter****************
As you can probably guess, I never got the courtesy of a reply. With that kinda attitude, it's no wonder Preppie George didn't get re-elected.

End of Bush Letter

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