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I watched the water come
(until it reached my hips)
And I watched the water go.

For 200+ pictures of Hurricane Sandy
from someone who rode it out
in Lavallette:
Click Here.

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In October 2005, A O U passed 500,000 hits , (honest numbers too, not one of those bogus counters). It took 6 months to make the first 1,000 (September 1996) and nearly a year to 10,000 (February 1997). Traffic has been increasing every month and now AOU is doing over 4,000 hits some months and climbing. Not too shabby, I'd say for a private unadvertised and unfunded site. Thanks for your visit and your support.
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Long Live

The Fishermen's Revolutionary Army

Anal Orifi Unwelcome Here

Get outta here


If you are uncertain of your status,
please check yourself against the lists below.
Find out just what any people
will quietly submit to

and you have
the exact measure

of the injustice and wrong
which will be imposed on them.

Frederick Douglas

Unquestionably Anal Orifi.

  • Any member of the National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS).
  • Any university types getting NMFS grants.
  • The Doctor Haskins of the world.
  • ALL of Sea Grant.
If you fit into any one or more of the above categories there is no question but what you DON'T belong here. Your input is neither solicited nor welcome. Nothing you will find here will be of any benefit for you (at least I sure as hell hope it won't) and may, in fact, even cause you to have doubt in your belief systems. You are living in a self righteous delusionary world, are firmly convinced of the RIGHTNESS of your position and truly cannot afford to have it challenged.

Nor do I have any interest in hearing from you.

(Note- If you are NOT one of the above and think it is immature petulant sour grapes, PLEASE check out the "Paper printed in the National Fisherman" or "The Fallacy of Scientific Evidence" or "Vindication" or "Overfishing" (addresses on left) before jumping to any hasty conclusions.)

Probable Anal Orifi

  • State Fishery Managers subsidized by NMFS - Decent people for the most part (with one or two notable exceptions here in NJ) but usually heavily indebted to NMFS for funding, support, etc. therefore generally unable and/or not allowed to be objective in their viewpoints and actions.

  • Tenured university types with an opinion and other "Hot Tub Evangelists" - Talk about insufferably arrogant blowhards shooting their mouths off from a safe haven with nothing to lose. They often remind me of the virgin who is an expert on sex..... ("I've read all the literature." Proclaimed in a deep pompous sonorous tone.

  • Producers of Environmental Specials who take the obligatory cheap shot at Commercial Fishermen. The Absolute Nadir of Political Correctness. Sanctimonious feel gooders ("who've also read all the literature") salving a vaguely guilty conscious by lashing out at straw men created by NMFS. "We can't do anything about urban or agricultural runoff, the paving/building over of the estuaries, industrial discharges, killing water from power plants....... , so we'll just take a cheap shot at somebody (who, incidently,has been the least culpable in the perceived destruction). It makes us feel better and keeps people's minds off the real problems."

  • Pompous pontificating "Save-The-Worlders" and other Eco-Nazis - All those extremist and alarmist Green Peacers, et al who are composed, in some (or at least the loudest) part by the above, and whose biggest trip is making the 6 o'clock news. Or raising money for the cause (which only incidentally has some pretty hefty 6-figure salaries at the top), or ....

    (Note- Received verbatim from a web surfer: "Long ago I tried being a 'greenie' and was a Greenpeace employee - it came as a nasty and educational shock one night when I was quoting the Greenpeace campaign figures and was pulled up short by a professional Fisherman who showed me how the way the info was presented was quite open to misinterpretation (shall we say) - It took me a while to figure out that the organisation pays it's big salaries to professional protestors - because when I went our national headquarters to try to accurately research what I was trying to talk about there was no accessible data - just a small collection of press clippings.

    "Needless to say it didn't take too long to see that if cameras weren't there greenpeace weren't - and the dose of reality therapy that fisherman provided made it a lot easier for me to leave Greenpeace - I still agree with the principles espoused by Professor Paul Erlich(I can never remember how that's spelt) but as YET have not enough education to find my own way of doing something useful - I may be land rather than sea based in my concerns but I am glad you take the effort to present your views here - you're bookmarked and I'll be back!")

    Note - Eco-Nazis are "Proscribers" - Their agenda is "Don't do it (unless WE regulate it) and we don't care what the consequences are to you, to your family, to your town, to your way of life, to ....."

    True Environmentalists are "Prescribers" - Their agenda is "You're doing bad stuff that hurts me. How about you and I sit down and figure out how you can do your thing without causing as much damage to me. That way there's enough room for both of us."

    I think of myself as a True Environmentalist and you will find a lot of "Prescriptions" on this site.

  • People who are uncomfortable thinking for themselves. They who unquestionably believe the propaganda put out by NMFS and its handmaidens and remain blissfully, comfortably and dangerously ignorant of the real truths in the world. It makes life so much easier to not have to think. Practitioners of The Pangloss Syndrome.
  • Rabid anti/pro-(Abortion, Censorship, Profits, Growth) and other compulsive controller types. Jeez, what a bore.

  • Flamers and Flamees without a sense of humor. Self explanatory. Those who do flame (and/or respond) with humor add oregano and jalapeno to our lives, and often bring light and knowledge an ignorant world.

    C A U T I O N -

    From this point on you may encounter language that some will find offensive. (note- not salacious, merely descriptive). You will find no pornography here, although you can read of far fouler obscenities.

    Well, if you've come this far, I expect it's only fair to let you know who I am and what this page is all about. My name is Gösta H. Lovgren (more widely known as That Fucking Swede in much of my universe).

    I am completely without guile and subterfuge. What you see is what you get. There are no ulterior motives nor do I want to start any militias (though I do believe our government is in the initial stages of incipient failure and needs a good enema or it will eventually collapse of its own weight.)

    Generally it will be about my experiences as a born-raised-retired Commercial Fisherman that began in the days of "Wooden Boats and Iron Men" (earning my first "full share" at 9 years old) and have seen it (d)evolve into what it is today - an industry populated by greedy opportunists fawning to (and in some cases manipulating) an even greedier, more hypocritical self-serving jealous government regulatory agency.

    No time consuming graphics displays are planned or anticipated (Well there are a few but they are absolutely necessary {grin}). What is planned (at this stage - April -1996) is to upload many papers, perspectives, opinions I have either written or come across and saved over the years. They will run the gamut from the deviousness of our government ( and the fears I have for my country) to politically incorrect economic papers (Keiretsu and Russian Land reform specifically) to just dumb humor that has tickled me (homilies and bromides included).

    Enough of

    "Chewed Up Green Grass"


    (As it's known the world over ....

    but you and I know what

    it's REALLY called
    , don't we?)

    Here's the good stuff:

    (Note- Don't try to read everything here at one or two sittings. There's an eclectic mix and a lot to absorb. Read one or two, take some time to think about it and come back at a later time and try some more, or email me and show me the error of my ways, correct me if you find me factually incorrect, criticize me if warranted (I'm sure it won't be {grin}).

    Some of the papers carry some pretty heavy economic analysis that is presented in a deceptively simple format. Don't be fooled. Think about it.

    If you have valid criticism, send it on. We're all adults here . Understand one thing clearly though. I consider NMFS, and its fellow travelers, as demonstrated enemies of the fishing industry and by extension our country. I make no apologies and feel no obligation to treat them civilly nor to respond. I will (and do) respond to all others though.

    Swede's Sshtuff

    Just two FACTS to keep in mind:

    1. After 30+ years of domestic "fishery management" total US seafood imports rose from about 25% in 1975 to nearly 70% in 1995, and are still rising.)

    2. There has NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER been a fish species or fishery that has been damaged beyond recovery by a commercial fishery or commercial fishermen. That is a sophisticated fabrication put out by people who know better (for their own interests and agendas) perpetuated by people who don't want to know better (for their own interests and agendas).

    Due to a request from a Christian Grandmother (and fellow Ponder), the papers that contain profanity will have a "sanitized" version prefixed by(S). I use strong language to convey strong anger, even outrage, that some people find offensive. For those people I offer the sanitized versions.

    Also comments in BLUE have been received by readers.)

    Nifty graphic of the food chain (280k)

    The Food Chain
    If you read nothing else on this site,
    (As of March 28 1998).

    Return to menu

    If you are out to describe
    the truth,

    leave elegance to the tailor

    (Albert Einstein)

    Return to menu

    Also, if you read nothing else on this site, READ THIS.

    "Excellent - This page shows thought!"

    "Just Okay - Far better than your usual blatting, old goat."

    "Excellent - It was such a fantastic experience ...."

    "Keep it up... If we can't save the oceans, the world won't be far behind."

    "WOW....I definitely have to re-think my environmental responsibilities... thanks for the refreshing point of view."

    (As of April 4, 1997).

    Return to menu

    Overfishing - Fact or Fantasy?

    If you've read PARC, READ THIS. If you haven't read PARC, READ THIS anyway (though PARC will make it a lot more understandable). It's long but you won't be sorry, I promise. It's the difference between "knowing" and UNDERSTANDING. More than any other paper on this site, it undisputably exposes the "Overfishing" scenario for what it really is.

    Overfishing,Excellent "Comments-,you got'em Mr.Lovgren!!!!!!!!!!
    United Commercial Fishermen of Puget Sound"

    Overfishing,Excellent - Comments -,"I now more than ever believe there are truly two sides to every story."

    "Excellent - Comments-,I've been a commercial fisherman most of my adult life. This is the first well articulated piece I ve seen that EXACTLY matches my own experiences and feelings. It's profoundly disappointing and insulting to see those with many decades of real experience ignored while graduates of programs lasting less than the time it takes to pay off a car nowdays, people who cannot make a living from the sea and have no real overview accorded credibility."

    "Excellent -Thank-you...finals are coming...it's after midnight...I hope part two is as evocative and informative as part one has been ;)"

    "Excellent- Damn good read. And here I should be studying for finals. By doing this you champion not just fishermen but all men & women who live responsibly, don't pass the buck, and don't go around telling folks what's best for them...."

    (As of November 3, 1998).

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    Nothing's impossible
    for the man who doesn't
    have to do it himself.

    (Weiler's Law)

    Return to menu

    Paper printed in the National Fisherman
    Why there is even a need for List 1

    (As of May 29, 1996).

    Return to menu

    If I knew...
    that a (government) man was
    coming to my house
    with the conscious design
    of doing me good,

    I should run for my life.

    Thoreau (1817-1862)

    Return to menu

    List 1 explanations
    (S) Sanitized explanations
    "I realize there are two sides to every story
    and you are telling mine.
    How List 1 was derived
    (as of September 10, 1996).

    Return to menu

    Humans won't change
    unless the pain
    of not changing

    is worse

    than the pain
    of changing.

    (Richard Thieme)

    Return to menu

    Whatever happened to...?
    the First Americans
    (as of June 28, 1998).

    Return to menu

    Whoever has power in his hands
    wants to be despotic;

    the craze for domination
    is an incurable disease.

    -- Voltaire, 1765

    It's FREE money.

    Excellent - This is cool I already book marked it to come back later"
    Assure the future for your kids
    (as of July 11, 1997).

    Return to menu

    ". . .The more prohibitions you have,
    the less virtuous people will be . . .

    (From the Tao Te Ching, Chapter 57)

    Return to menu

    "Scientific" Evidence
    The grand deception of Fisheries Management
    (as of October 27, 1996).
    "The bulk of fisheries science, though, has gone on helping the government regulate the fisheries. Has that worked? No, of course not -- or the fisheries wouldn't be in the mess they are in...." "

    Return to menu

    If anger proceeds from a great cause,
    it turns to fury;

    if from a small cause,
    it is peevishness;

    and so is always either
    terrible or ridiculous.

    (Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667))

    Return to menu

    The Polar Worlds of Commercial Fishermen & Regulators
    Fundamental differences between real men and Regulators.
    May 17, 1998)
    ... Still, picky critique aside, I think you have captured the gulf between fisheries managers and the people they are trying to manage in an entertaining and thought-provoking way, which is probably what you aimed for.

    Return to menu

    Love, then,
    hath every bliss in store;

    'Tis friendship,
    and 'tis something more.

    Each other every wish
    they give;

    Not to know love
    is not to live.

    (Gay (1688-1732))

    Return to menu

    Beach Erosion
    - The Cause and a Cure
    ( July 31, 1998)
    No comments yet.

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    Show me a person who is not a liberal at twenty,
    I'll show you a person with no heart.

    Show me a person who is not a conservative at forty,
    I'll show you a person with no mind.


    Return to menu

    Every idea
    that made a critical difference
    at Motorola

    began life as a

    minority opinion.

    (Robert Galvin, Pres.)

    Return to menu

    "The more corrupt the government,
    The more laws they pass"

    (Publius Cornelius Tacitus 55-120AD)

    Return to menu

    Anatomy of a law
    How Anal Orifi like those in List 1 come to be.
    "Excellent - Mr. L. I thought my dad had a mouth on him. "
    (as of September 22, 1996)

    Return to menu

    "The more corrupt the government,
    The more laws they pass"

    (Publius Cornelius Tacitus 55-120AD)

    Return to menu

    A history of the Surf Clam fishery
    Insights into how an industry eventually gets controlled.
    "Excellent - Thanks for the entertaining read."
    "Excellent - You are the most articulate and interesting man I have ever ...

    (as of October 8, 1996)

    Return to menu

    For some people
    Their need to seem better
    Is much greater than
    Their need to become better.

    (Steve Amasfer)

    Return to menu

    V I N D I C A T I O N
    Many think I'm overreacting when I call fishery scientists charlatans.
    Well take a look at what a REAL scientist has to say about them.
    (I've been too easy on the villainous blackguards.)
    ( as of March 28, 1998)

    Return to menu

    To thine own self be true,
    And it must follow,
    as the night the day,

    Thou canst not then
    be false to any man.

    Shakespeare (1564-1616)

    Return to menu

    Email from the enemy
    Some responses from the enemy.
    (Including a Sea Grant AO response)
    "Excellent - However, it spoke better for itself than you did about it. "
    "Excellent - I've met that character Crutchfield and so have many others out here. Suffice to say you did the 'right thing'"

    Return to menu

    For what profit
    is it to a man
    if he gains
    the whole world,

    and loses his soul?

    Matthew 16:26

    Return to menu

    The R U L E S
    "Excellent - wish i could have read this 50 years ago" "

    Return to menu

    3 Cardinal Rules for Marriage

    1) If the sex is good,
    it's 10% of the marriage.

    If it's not, it's 90%.
    Joe Kelly's Dad - 1958

    2) A good marriage takes
    hard work sometimes.
    Carol-Lou - Gösta's wife

    3) Always fight fair.

    Return to menu

    Important Stuff
    (January 8, 1998)

    Return to menu

    Far better to dare mighty things,
    to win glorious triumphs,
    even though checkered by failure,
    than to take rank with those poor spirits
    who neither enjoy much nor suffer much . . .
    in the grey twilight that knows
    neither victory nor defeat."

    Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

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    Newby Tips
    If you're a Net Newby then it may be worth your while
    to take a look at this page.
    (February 13, 1998)
    Return to menu

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    As a young man I used to look
    at my father with his 38 waist
    and big old pot belly hangin out
    and say to myself "......."

    Now that I'm the old man
    with a 38 waist,
    I just never realized how

    Truly Debonair

    my old man really was.


    Return to menu

    The Pollution Solution
    A sensible approach to pollution control.
    "Pretty Good - Printed it for research on waste management."
    (as of November 9, 1996)

    Return to menu

    Fools need Advice most,

    but only wise Men
    are the better for it.

    (Ben Franklin 1706-1790)

    Return to menu

    The Health Plan
    A sensible plan for Health Care.
    "A 'Single Payer' system is, in fact, a grossly misleading term. In reality what it would be is an incomprehensible maze of government programs at all levels (Federal, State, County, etc) each with different rules and procedures."
    "Excellent - Austin, Texas Medical Doctor"
    (as of October 17, 1997)

    Return to menu

    The Prescription Plan
    A good sensible workable plan to dramatically lower prescription costs, without socializing the drug companies.
    (as of March 20, 2002)

    Return to menu

    When reading/seeing about "overfishing" from those on the above LISTS,
    please keep in mind the following billboard:
    Falsehood is never so successful
    as when she baits her hook with truth,

    and no opinions so fastly mislead us
    as those that are not wholly wrong.

    (Colton (1780-1832))

    Return to menu

    Insights to Classroom Size
    What's wrong with our schools?
    (as of November 17, 1997)

    Return to menu

    When the boot of government
    is on your neck
    it doesn't matter if it's
    Right or Left.

    It's Wrong.

    (Benjamin Disraeli, sent on by a surfer)

    Return to menu

    The Pollution Kill of '76
    The story behind the largest manmade ecological disaster in the US
    and the National Sea Clammers $500,000,000 damage suit.
    (as of December 21, 1996)

    Return to menu

    "Oh, I trust you alright.

    I just don't believe you."

    (She's got a monster needle in her hand)

    (Swede to his dentist.)

    Return to menu

    The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
    My review of the book from the eyes of a commercial fisherman.
    Includes an insight into the current swordfish tempest.
    "Excellent - Right on, old friend!"
    (as of March 10, 1998)
    Includes a Really Angry reply from
    the upset author (February 18, 1998).

    Return to menu

    Middle Age

    I knew it was here when
    I spent more time thinking




    (An original by Gösta)

    Return to menu

    The facts and figures behind the infamous Turtle Extractor Devices
    (as of June 9,1997)

    Return to menu


    I don't think you can make
    a lawyer Honest
    by an act of legislation.

    You've got to work on his conscience.
    And his lack of conscience
    is what makes him a lawyer.

    Will Rogers (1879-1935)

    Return to menu

    Constitutional Amendment to Bar lawyers from Public Office
    I believe that at least 50% of the problems we have
    in this country stem from lawyer legislators.
    (as of April 20, 1997)
    "Excellent - Absolutely on target."
    "Excellent - If it could only happen!"
    It's already Unconstitutional in New Jersey
    (as of November 25, 1997) (But ignored)

    Return to menu

    The germ of destruction of our nation
    is in the power of the judiciary.

    An irresponsible body -
    working like gravity by night and by day,
    gaining a little today and a little tomorrow,

    and advancing its noiseless step
    like a thief
    over the field of jurisdiction,

    until all shall render powerless
    the checks of one branch over the other

    and will become as venal and oppressive
    as the government from which we separated."

    Thomas Jefferson, 1821

    Return to menu

    Be wary of ascribing to
    Machiavellian Machination


    which can be explained by
    Simple Stupidity.

    (A "rephrased" by Gösta)

    Return to menu

    Eco-Nazis in Africa
    Read some of the ACTUAL effects of
    "Concerned Environmentalism at any cost"
    (as of March 20, 1997)

    Return to menu

    Only puny secrets need protection.

    Big discoveries
    are protected by
    public incredulity.

    Marshall McLuhan

    Return to menu

    Luxury suite for rent in the Caribbean.
    (Available from the Saturday before Christmas
    to the first Saturday after New Years.)

    Return to menu

    are amiss in the world
    when a man gets a military honor
    for killing one man
    a dishonorable discharge
    for loving another.

    Spencer Spratley

    Return to menu

    Vitamin C
    The story behind Vitamin C.
    Pretty interesting stuff.
    (as of September 21, 1996)

    Return to menu

    The way things work if you are in civil service
    is that you have much more to


    by screwing up than you have to


    by doing excellently.

    Therefore your #1 goal in bureaucratic life
    is to make sure you don't screw up.

    The easiest way to do that is become adept at both:

    passing the buck and delay.

    This is the way most of government is forever
    fated to work in comparison to private industry
    with its different drives and incentives.

    (Source - Bob Leppo - Libertarian)

    Return to menu

    Confucious (and others) Says
    Helps me keep things in perspective
    An EXCELLENT definition of Anal Orifi ("fools").
    "Excellent - Spot on!!!"
    "Only one word comes to mind--------BRAVO!!!!
    - From Seneca to Stossel -
    (155+ authors as of September 1999)

    Confucious (and others) Says {Part II}
    Part I got so big I had to start Part II {grin}.
    A very popular place
    Try it, you'll like it!!!

    Return to menu

    Economy is a savings-bank,
    into which men drop pennies,
    and get $$$ in return

    ( Josh Billings (1815-1885)

    Return to menu

    Building Your very own Pond
    "Your site is the MOST in depth, informational page of it's kind! BRAVO!"
    " WOW!! Thank you for helping us not so creative minds feel like we can do this. I know this took some time and lots of trial and error. Thanks for sharing."
    "You are definitely the envy of every pond site on the whole damn web!
    No joking I mean it from the heart."
    "A virtual treasure-trove of information!"

    By far, the most visited page on the site (It accounts for 1/3 of the hits).

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    When people are engaged
    in something
    they are not proud of,
    they do not welcome witnesses.

    In fact, they come to believe
    the witness causes the trouble.
    John Steinbeck

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    My Pal Joey
    A Fisherman's battle with Pancreatic cancer.
    "Excellent - Mostly, I'm very pleased to see that someone would take the time to do something to try...."
    (Periodically updated.)

    Return to menu

    "I vant everyvone to do vell.
    I yust vant to do ........

    a leeeddle bit bedder"

    (Kasper Kwilhaug (my friend))

    Return to menu

    The Truth about Gun Control
    15,000 lives are lost to guns each year.
    1,500,000 crimes are prevented by guns each year.
    Is it worth the tradeoff?
    "Excellent - This article was an excellent piece of...."
    (as of July 17,1997)

    Return to menu

    (On Liberal Policy)

    It is not the lack of compassion
    that is a problem,

    It is the lack of control
    over the emotion
    of compassion

    That has harmed untold millions.

    Greg Schiller

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    Transforming The Power Industry
    Why electricity costs so much.
    Why it's going to get a LOT cheaper soon.
    ( February 16, 1998 )

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    Great minds discuss ideas
    Average minds discuss events
    Small minds discuss people

    The Friendship Page

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    A comparison of Operating Systems.
    "Excellent - So true... There's always a grain of truth in humor,
    but I think you've collected the whole sandbox."

    (as of April 12, 1996)

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    Great Spirits
    have always met with
    violent opposition from
    Mediocre Mixers.
    (Albert Einstein via William Abernathy)

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    A religious comparison of Operating Systems.
    MacIntosh, Windows and DOS religions
    "Excellent - I loved it! Being a reformed Catholic and avid DOS user,....
    (as of January 25, 1997)

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    He who will not,
    is a bigot;
    he who cannot,
    is a fool;

    and he who dares not,
    is a slave."

    William Drummond

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    An actual audio of NMFS in action.

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    I am only one, but I am one.

    I can do something,
    but I cannot do everything.

    Just because I cannot do everything,
    I will not refuse to do
    the something that I can do.

    What I can do,
    I should do.
    And what I should do,
    by the grace of God,
    I will do.

    Edward Everett Hale

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    How to avoid stress when dieting.
    Make your dieting easier, effective and healthful.
    (as of April 12, 1997)

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    ONLY 3 kinds of people in this world:

    1. Those who go around dropping little pieces of paper.

    2. Those who go around picking up little pieces of paper.

    3. Those who sit around and bitch about how much litter there is in the world.

    At any given point in time we are.................. each of us,

    one of those people.

    (An original by Gösta)

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    One Keiretsu definition
    The real secret of Japanese economic success.
    Comments-,This article offers
    the rare insight of an American
    into the Japanese economic system."
    (as of April 12, 1996).
    Note March 2002 - This paper (written in 1990) gives great insight to the troubles Japan is facing still today. Chickens coming home to roost, and all that..

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    There is nobody so irritating
    as somebody with
    less intelligence


    more sense
    than we have.
    Don Herold

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    Russian Land Reform
    One way to bring Russia into the 20th century.
    "Bleech - Lottery! With all the guaranteed corruption,
    how successful do you think a lottery would be?"

    (as of April 17, 1996).

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    Collective Revolution

    rides on the Trojan Horse

    of "Emergency".

    Herbert Hoover.

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    Another take on Breast Cancer
    Are women actually fortunate to get it?
    (as of April 12, 1996).

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    One problem with busy professionals,

    They don't allow themselves time to

    Just Think.

    They already have the answers.


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    A Guaranteed Road to Great Wealth
    Beats the socks off the Stock Market
    Sign up now before it's too late!!!
    "Excellent - Gosta, I have this framed
    and on the wall of our business."

    (as of May 17, 1997).

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    You know,
    All I try to do is make

    Common Sense.

    The problem is that there
    just aren't that many

    Common People

    in the world.

    (An original by Gösta)

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    Election Reform
    Some thoughts
    "Pretty Good - Have you checked out the Libertarian Party? "
    (as of April 12, 1996).

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    If you do not express your own original ideas,
    if you do not listen to your own being,
    you will have betrayed yourself.

    you will have betrayed your community
    in failing to make your contribution."

    Rollo May (1909-1994)
    US psychoanalyst
    "The Courage to Create," 1975.

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    Saviors of the Sea or Crisis Mongers?
    Some insights into the Tuna Controversy
    (as of October 26, 1997).

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    If fifty million people say
    a foolish thing,

    It is still ....

    A Foolish Thing.

    (Anatole France (1844-1924)

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    Some ideas to improve New Jersey
    "Bleech - You are a fucking moron! ....
    Shut up and let the world go about its business."

    (as of April 12, 1996).

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    .........Liberals consider people
    basically, well,.... stupid;

    Conservatives consider people
    basically..... evil.

    Benjamin Disraeli

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    The Millionaire
    One man's ambition
    " Pretty Good - A little sad, too,
    but also worth a chuckle

    (as of April 12, 1996).

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    They that can give up
    essential liberty
    to obtain safety

    neither liberty
    nor safety.

    Benjamin Franklin

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    Why Marijuana shouldn't be legalized
    The reasons will surprise you.
    "Bleech - This makes some sense from one point
    and utter nonsense from another!"
    "Excellent - Verrrrry interessssting!!!!!!!!
    (Updated last 2004).

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    Economics is the right hand
    of the God who created the world,

    A sucker punch to remind us
    how that real world works.
    (Richard Thieme)

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    A Hard Breeze
    (S) A tamed Hard Breeze
    What it's like to get caught in a 60 mile NorthEaster.
    (It ain't fun)
    "Excellent - Great story and great writing. "
    (as of June 6, 1996).

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    Most secrets of knowledge
    have been discovered by
    plain and neglected men
    than by men of popular fame.

    And this is so with good reason.

    For the men of popular fame
    are busy on
    popular matters.

    Roger Bacon (c.1220-1292)

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    A NorthWorst Experience
    or Will Keith EVER get out of LAX?
    The second most visited (and controversial) page on AOU.
    "Bleech - a sick s.o.b. lucky he has so much free time. move on!"
    "Excellent - Absolutely awesome."

    (January 15, 1998).

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    Our Diminishing Freedoms
    "Excellent - ...I've printed it out and am passing it on"
    (as of October 3, 1997).

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    God put me on earth to accomplish
    a certain number of things.

    I'm so far behind
    I ain't never gonna die.

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    Political Fundraising
    or how NOT to do it.
    (Nobody comments on this one but I like it.)
    (as of April 12, 1996).
    If you smell something burning,
    you just know something
    serious is going on.

    Swede ... in the dentist chair

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    Medicinal Side Effects
    The insidious and often hidden DANGERS of medicine.
    "Excellent - YOU'RE RIGHT. MOST DOCTORS ...."
    "Not So Hot - Ummm... I think that maybe you whine too much"

    (as of April 16, 1996).

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    The American Gulag
    A different view of our prison system.
    (as of September, 1999).

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    The ultimate result of shielding men
    from the effects of folly
    is to fill the world
    with fools.

    (Herbert Spencer)

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    How to bail out the S&L's at no cost to the taxpayers
    A (too) simple idea for strengthening our banking system
    and boosting our housing industry .
    (Even more applicable today).
    (Nobody comments on this one but I like it.)
    (as of April 19, 1996).

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    After looking at those body builders on TV,
    am I the only man who finds it ironic
    the most important muscle


    gets any bigger,
    no matter how much exercise it gets?


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    When Excrement Occurs
    "Equal Opportunity Slander"
    (S)When Doody Occurs
    Recently added:
    Genesis of a plan
    Just why DOES the chicken cross the road?
    "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off wiping the tears from my eyes!!!!* this is great! i've seen another version of the shit happens before, but the chicken crossing the road is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!
    (as of October 27, 1997).

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    Conservatives have a mission
    to keep
    all they can steal.

    Liberals have an obligation
    to share
    the stolen loot with those
    too lazy and/or stupid to steal.

    Libertarians have a right
    to shoot
    anyone stealing from them...

    (Source - Andy Havoc - Salon Thread)

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    Pictures of an 18th century cannon I found while
    snorkling off Aruba in December 1997.
    ( January 30, 1998)
    100 Neat things about being a MAN.
    And women think they're cool. Sheeeeet!
    ( January 12, 1998)

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    First they came for the hackers,
    but I never did anything
    illegal with my computer,
    so I didn't speak up.

    Then they came for the pornographers,
    but I thought there was too much smut
    on the Internet anyway,
    so I didn't speak up.

    Then they came for the anonymous remailers,
    but a lot of nasty stuff gets sent
    from anon.sex.fil,
    so I didn't speak up.

    Then they came for the encryption programs,
    but I could never figure out how
    to work PGP anyway,
    so I didn't speak up.

    And then they came for me.

    (Source - Alara Rogers )

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    Comments from the Cognescenti
    See what people really think about Anal Orifi Unwelcome.

    My All Time Favorite comment:

    Confucious Says - Just Okay - I am trying to find info on Confuscious and this is what I get? Excuse me !!!! This sucks. How am I going to do a project I all I get is this kind of shit that you offer."

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    Ratings from the Cognescenti
    See how people RATE Anal Orifi Unwelcome.
    "EXCELLENT" he snickered.

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    Due to popular demand from
    the definitively masochistic
    and morbidly curious
    here is
    a picture (Jpeg 175k)
    of the author (his best side).

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